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What should I do if I can't activate a DNA kit?

If you have trouble activating a DNA kit, please go over the following steps to make sure you are taking the correct actions:

- First of all, make sure the kit serial code you entered is correct

- Make sure to log in with the correct email address you used to register to MyHeritage.

- Make sure you type the activation code/kit number manually into the fields - do not copy paste it.

- Ensure that you are not using restricted internet access. Some workplaces block various sites in which case the activation might not work.

- Consider downloading the MyHeritage App for mobile and scan the kit number directly from the app with your device's camera. For further instructions, please read: How can I activate my DNA kit from the MyHeritage app?


Should the issue persist, please contact our support team and provide the following information:

1. Please send photos of the kit number listed on the box, the vials, and the small plastic bag

2. Please send a screenshot of what you see after you tried to activate the kit

3. With which email address are you logged in when trying to activate the kit?

4. Which internet browser are you using? You can check easily on the following site: