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What is the MyHeritage Ethnicity Estimate?

In each region of the world there is a unique set of genetic characteristics that are shared between the offspring of native populations. While different populations migrated from one region to another, research has shown that these sets of characteristics make each region distinct from the others, allowing us to establish a genetic model for each region of the world.

When we get your DNA data we compare it against each of these models to discover how much of your DNA comes from each region. Our Ethnicity feature currently includes dozens of regions which we compare your DNA with.

In your ancestral Ethnicity Estimate, we show you all of your regions of ancestral origin in the “All ethnicities” view. You will be able to see the percentage of your DNA that derives from each of these regions. The higher the percentage is, the more confident you may be about the accuracy of the results. To see all of the regions of the world we compared your DNA against, even those to which your DNA does not match, click on “All supported ethnicities”.

The Ethnicity Estimate also gives the option to view the family events of your direct ancestors on the map, which is a  unique feature only offered by MyHeritage. 
Remember that your Ethnicity Estimates — which are the result of a highly accurate statistical algorithm — are still estimates. Some global populations exhibit similar DNA due to proximity and the mingling of populations.
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