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How can I buy a DNA kit as a gift?

You can easily order MyHeritage DNA kits as gifts by following the steps below:

1. Please visit the page and click on ‘Order now’

If you’re a registered MyHeritage user, you can also order kits directly from your family site. Simply hover 
over the ‘DNA’ tab and click on 'Order DNA kits'.

2. You will automatically be redirected to a checkout page. Choose the number of DNA kits you want to purchase. You have the option to change the currency in the upper right corner.

Note: You can only select one shipping address per order. If you want to buy several kits to be shipped to different addresses, you will need to make separate orders.

3. Fill in the shipping address.

If you intend to hand the kit to the person yourself, you can enter your own address. If you prefer for the DNA kit to be shipped directly to the recipient, enter the recipient’s shipping address. The invoice with the price will not be included with the kit sent to the recipient; you will receive the invoice by email.

4. Fill in your billing information. 

If you are shipping the kit directly to the recipient, uncheck the box ‘Billing address is same as shipping address’ and fill in your billing address.


Once the recipient receives the DNA kit, they must activate the kit.

Before activation, the kit doesn’t have any personal information attached to it, so if you have ordered multiple kits, it doesn’t matter which kit you give to whom. Once each recipient activates their kit, the kit will be associated with them from that point on. They will be the one to receive the results and all other relevant information going forward.

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