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I bought a DNA kit as a gift - What’s next?

Once you've ordered a DNA kit to give to somebody else, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase to your own email. The DNA kit will be shipped to the shipping address you entered during your purchase.

If the DNA kit was shipped to you, you can either:

  • Hand the kit to the person, who will then create a free MyHeritage account, activate the DNA kit, collect his/her DNA sample, ship it back to our laboratory and receive DNA results to his/her own MyHeritage account.
  • Be the DNA manager of the person’s DNA. In this case you will activate the DNA kit yourself and you will be the one to receive the results to your MyHeritage account. This option can be convenient if you are testing elderly people.  

Before activation, the kit doesn’t have any personal information attached to it. If you have ordered multiple kits, it doesn’t matter which kit you give to whom. Once each recipient activates their kit, the kit will be associated with them from that point on. They will be the one to receive the results and all other relevant information going forward.

The box includes instructions on how to use and activate the DNA kit. The person who will activate the DNA kit will be the one to receive the DNA results, so that he/she will have direct access to it. 

Note: A person can activate multiple DNA kits in one account, and he will receive the results for all activated kits.

You can activate a DNA kit from the following page:

For further instructions, please read:

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