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What are Instant Discoveries™?

An Instant Discovery™ is a "package" of family history information that you can apply to your family tree just in one click. An Instant Discovery™ can either be a Person Discovery or a Photo Discovery. To learn more, please read:
Every Instant Discovery™ is based on a match found by our Smart Matching™ technology in other family trees on MyHeritage and Record Matching technologies in other family tree collections (e.g. FamilySearch), and we filter out incorrect matches automatically.
Instant Discoveries™ complement Smart Matches™ in how the information is applied to the user's tree. 
Please note: Due to the technical reasons, Instant Discoveries™ will initially be available only for family trees having 25,000 or fewer individuals. After applying a Discovery, your tree will change, and hence new Discoveries will need to be recalculated. Once the recalculation is complete, which may take between a few seconds to 24 hours, MyHeritage will offer you additional Discoveries.