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What are Person Discoveries™?

Person Discoveries are a type of Instant Discovery, which is a "package" of family history information that you can apply to your family tree just in one click.

Every Instant Discovery™ is based on a match found by our Smart Matching™ technology in other family trees on MyHeritage and Record Matching technologies in other family tree collections (e.g. FamilySearch), and we filter out incorrect matches automatically.

If an individual in your family tree connects to a branch in another family tree, you'll be alerted about this and can then choose to add everyone in that branch to your tree, who is not already there (up to 50 people), rather than manually add people one by one, and amend the data piece by piece.

Instant Discoveries™ complement Smart Matches™ in how the information is applied to the user's tree. With Smart Matches™, information is added to the tree one fact at a time, one person at a time, manually. With Person Discoveries™, an entire branch can be copied with a single click, along with all facts, events, and photos, and source citations are automatically created in the target tree to document exactly where the data came from.

To learn how to add Person Discoveries™, please read the following article: How do I add a Person Discovery to my family tree?