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What are Photo Discoveries™?

Photo Discoveries™ are a new kind of Instant Discovery focusing on photos. This exciting feature makes it easy for you to add photographs to people in your family tree who currently don’t have any photos in just a few clicks.

A Photo Discovery includes up to 10 photos that you can add in one click to people’s profiles in your tree. Among other parameters, photos are sorted according to the degree of relationship between the site manager and the person in the photo.  For example, photos of direct ancestors and close relatives found in different family sites are bundled together and displayed at the top of the list, whereas the photos of more distant relatives will be ranked lower. Photos added via a Photo Discovery are pre-tagged so you won’t need to re-tag the individual in the picture.

An important aspect of Photo Discoveries™ is their accuracy. As the Photo Discoveries™ feature is based on our underlying Smart Matching™ technology, we filter out the vast majority of incorrect matches automatically. You can rest assured that we’re giving you pictures of people in your family tree who are actually those people. But just in case, you can still dive into each Photo Discovery and reject the photos that you don’t want, before adding it. You remain in full control of what to add to your family tree.

If a new Photo Discovery was found for you, we will notify you via a Photo Discovery notification email, so you won’t miss it. You will receive at most one such notification per week.

Photo Discoveries are available to all users on MyHeritage who have a family tree. Adding Discoveries to your tree or viewing the original size photos requires a PremiumPlus or Complete subscription.

To learn how to add Photo Discoveries™, please read the following article: How do I add a Photo Discovery to my family tree?