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How do I use the Discoveries section on my family site?

The Discoveries section of the family site includes a complete overview of the Smart Matches™ and Record Matches organized in a new and more efficient way. Your matches are now organized in two categories: ‘Matches by people’ and ‘Matches by source’. Both categories display the same matches but you can now choose your own way to review your matches.  For more details, please read the following articles:

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What is ‘Matches by Source'?

To review your Smart Matches and Record Matches, please follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your family site.

2. Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Discoveries’ tab and select ‘Matches by people’ or 'Matches by source'.

These options will display all the matches found by our Smart Matching™ and Record Matching technologies for your family tree, and the results will be either given by people for whom the matches have been found, or by the sources the matches were found in.

Here’s an example of how to view Smart Matches by people:

On the ‘Matches by people’ page, you can see all the matches found for specific people on your family tree. You can select the ‘All Matches’ view to review all types of matches on the same page, or select to view only your Record Matches or your Smart Matches.

If you have many matches to review, you can use different filtering options to narrow them down.

For example, you can filter the list by status by selecting among pending, new, confirmed or rejected matches:

By default, you will see the list of individuals we found matches for, from all the family trees you have on your family site. You can select to view results for people from a specific family tree project.



In addition to the filtering options, you can sort the list by Value, number of matches, names or relation. Click on the default sorting to choose from the drop-down menu, as shown in the example below:

The value of a match depends on the amount of new information you can obtain from it.

You can also use the search field to search for a specific person in the results list. Simply type the name of the person in your tree for whom you are looking for matches and click on the magnifier symbol to start the search:

In the ‘Matches by people’ list, you will see the names of people for whom the matches were found, their basic information, and next to it the new information that you can reveal with the help of the matches.

3. Click ‘Review X matches’ on the right side of the person’s name to view a list of all the matches found for this person.

On the next page, you will see the list of matches found for the person. You can see basic information about the person in the matching tree, the name of the matching family site and its webmaster.

4. Click on ‘Review match’ to access detailed information about the specific match and save the new information to your family tree:

The next page will give you all details available about the matching individual, including photos, facts, relatives, as well as a tree comparison window where you can view the person's card in both your tree and the matching tree. 

5. The new way to review a match is to confirm it first then save new information to your family tree if you wish. Click on the ‘Confirm Match’ button on the top right corner. 

Once you confirmed the match, you will be taken to a page where you have the possibility to extract specific pieces of information and save them to your tree. If you don’t wish to copy any information from the match to your tree, you can simply go back to the list of matches.

Note: If you wish to 'unconfirm' a match, filter down the matches by ‘Confirmed’, click on ‘Review X match’, then on ‘Review match’. You will see a sentence stating that the match was confirmed and saved. Click on ‘Undo confirm’ to cancel the match confirmation:

For more details about extracting information from matches, please read the following articles:

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