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What is Smart Matching™?

Smart Matching™ is a specialized powerful genealogy technology that matches people that you have defined in your family tree with people in other family trees that members all over the world have created on  

It works by comparing names, facts, and connections intelligently to the millions of family trees contributed by other users, to find out if your family tree intersects with any other trees and indicates matches. The sophisticated technology behind Smart Matches™ bridges across differences in spelling, phonetics, and relationships that may exist between the trees to offer a large quantity of highly accurate matches.

With billions of family tree profiles on MyHeritage, you have an excellent chance of getting Smart Matches™ that reveal valuable new information about your family.

When two family trees are connected, both their owners are informed about individuals matching in their trees, and they benefit from the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

You can then review and save new information to your family tree as well as contact other family tree owners to find more connections and discover new relatives.

To view your matches, hover over the 'Discoveries' tab on your family site. You can select either ‘Matches by people’ or ‘Matches by source’ to review Smart Matches found for your family tree.

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Smart Matching™ is also available in Family Tree Builder, MyHeritage’s powerful desktop software. To take advantage of the latest releases and most enhanced matching features, Family Tree Builder users should sync their family tree to MyHeritage. Click here to download Family Tree Builder.

Even if you are using Family Tree Builder actively, you are encouraged to synchronize your Family Tree Builder tree with the family site and use the new Smart Matching™ feature on your site on MyHeritage.

Smart Matches™ are free to view and they have led to many heartwarming family reunions.

To start getting automatic Smart Matches™, create your family tree on