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What are the MyHeritage collections in SuperSearch?

SuperSearch includes more than 9 billion genealogy records such as birth, marriage, death, burial, census, military, immigration, yearbooks and other types of records, plus scans of the original documents.

It also includes MyHeritage family trees, photos and members that are public – altogether more than one billion exclusive records from all over the world that in most cases can only be found on MyHeritage.

A collection is a group of records in SuperSearch. For example, BillionGraves is a collection, MyHeritage family trees is a collection.

The ‘MyHeritage’ collections include the following ones:

MyHeritage family sites - includes family sites created by members of MyHeritage. 

MyHeritage members - includes profiles of MyHeritage members

MyHeritage family trees - includes family trees submitted by MyHeritage members.

MyHeritage photos - includes public photos, videos and documents posted by MyHeritage members on their family sites.

Some records in SuperSearch are free (e.g. BillionGraves, Social Security Death Index), however, to access all the collections, a Data subscription is required.

A data subscription is different from a family site subscription. A data subscription gives you full access to all collections in SuperSearch, an opportunity to confirm and reject Record Matches, save records and extract info from records.

Please note:

If you have a Premium family site subscription you can access two of the four MyHeritage collections in SuperSearch: MyHeritage sites and MyHeritage members.

If you have a PremiumPlus family site subscription you can access all four of the MyHeritage collections in SuperSearch: MyHeritage family sitesMyHeritage membersMyHeritage family trees and MyHeritage photos.