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What is the online Tree Consistency Checker?

The new Tree Consistency Checker for online family trees at MyHeritage is a new tool that scans your family tree and identifies mistakes and inconsistencies in your data, so that you could make the necessary changes in your tree, improving its overall quality and accuracy.

The Consistency Checker employs dozens of different checks on the family tree data, ranging from the obvious (e.g. a person was born before their parent) to the subtle and hard to find (e.g. a person was tagged in a photo and the photo is dated before the person’s birth).

Some of the issues it finds are factual mistakes (e.g. wrong birth date entered), some are bad practices (e.g. birth year entered as 22 instead of 1922), some are warnings about possible data entry errors (e.g. a woman’s married surname was apparently entered as her maiden surname) and some are inconsistencies you may want to fix, such as references to the same place name with two different spellings. Any issue you feel is fine and should intentionally not be addressed can easily be marked to be ignored and will not be reported again.

A similar Consistency Checker tool has long been available in our Family Tree Builder software and has been very much appreciated by the many users who have taken advantage of it.

To learn how to make the most of this very useful tool, please read the following article: How do I use the Tree Checker on my family site?