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How do I sync the family tree I created in Family Tree Builder with my online family site?

Open up Family Tree Builder and on the main toolbar click on the ‘Sync’ button to synchronize your tree with your family site. 

You can also click on ‘Sync (publishing)' menu in the upper menu bar and click ‘Sync now’.

When you choose ‘Sync now’ option, you will go through four steps to upload your project to your online family site.

Note that any sync process will also take updates from your online family tree, and sync them back to Family Tree Builder.

If you are syncing for the first time:

If you do not have a family site, once you click on the ‘Sync’ button in Family Tree Builder will ask you to create a site in the ‘Synchronize this Project with a new family site’ section. Select a name for your site from the suggestions or type to enter a different name and press ‘OK’.

If you already have a family site use the second option ‘Synchronize this Project with one of your existing family sites’ and select the family site that you want to sync with.

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If you need to change the site you want to sync your tree with, please read the following FAQ:

How do I make sure that I am syncing my tree with the correct site?