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How can I activate my DNA kit from the MyHeritage app?

You can now activate your MyHeritage DNA kit by simply scanning the activation code with your device’s camera. 

To do so, please do as follows:

1. Open the MyHeritage app on your mobile device

2. Tap the icon on the upper left corner of the screen to open the menu.

3. Tap the small arrow on the right side of ‘DNA’ to open the DNA menu, then tap ‘Activate DNA kit’:

4. Tap ‘Scan code’ to start scanning.

Important: To see the ‘Scan code’ button, you need to allow the application to access your camera. To do so, tap ‘Go to settings’ and activate the access to your device’s camera:

*Display and functions may look different depending on your device

5. To scan the activation code, place your device’s camera just above the code. Make sure the camera is close enough to read the code:

As soon as the scan detects the code, you will get a confirmation on your screen:

6. The next screen will show the activation code that you have scanned. Click continue to proceed with the activation. 

Note: If you activate a DNA kit for someone else, make sure you select ‘Someone else’s’ below the question ‘Whose DNA will this kit be testing?’.