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Where can I see my DNA results?

To view your DNA results, please do the following:

1. Log in to MyHeritage

2. Click on the DNA tab, or on “Overview” in the “DNA” menu:

You will find three different tabs — Overview, Ethnicity Estimate, and DNA Matches:

 The name of the person whose results you are currently viewing is listed at the top. As you move back and forth between the different tabs, you’ll always see results of the same person, whether it’s an overview, an Ethnicity Estimate or DNA Matches.
If you manage more than one kit, you can change the person whose results you are viewing by clicking on “Select another person” and selecting another individual from the drop-down menu. 
1. Overview tab
At the top of the Overview tab, you will see the top ethnicities in the ethnicity estimate. If there are more than three ethnicities in the Ethnicity Estimate, not all of them will appear here.
Click on “View full estimate” to get to the Ethnicity Estimate tab, where you will see a complete list of your ethnicities with percentages:

Below the top ethnicities, the Overview page lists a summary of the DNA Matches, with the three graphical filters described in the following article: How can I filter my DNA Matches? 
To view the full list of all your DNA Matches (unfiltered), click on “View DNA Matches” and you will be taken to the DNA Matches tab: 



2. Ethnicity Estimate tab
In the Ethnicity Estimate tab, you’ll find full Ethnicity Estimate results:

Enabling the checkbox “Show events from your family tree” will display all of the ancestral birth and death locations listed in your family tree on the map on top of the ethnicity results:

You can then compare how your Ethnicity Estimate correlates with events from your family tree. This additional view helps to place your Ethnicity Estimate within the context of your family history and can provide you with a good starting point for further investigation.

3. DNA Matches tab
The DNA Matches tab takes you to the DNA Matches page with an interface for filtering DNA Matches, that can be combined with sorting and searching. You can learn more about the filtering options available in the following article: How can I filter my DNA Matches? 

 Selecting “View tree” for any DNA Match will automatically open their family tree in the new Pedigree View:

Note: The Pedigree View shows a root person and his/her direct ancestors. For more information on the Pedigree View, please read: Pedigree View FAQs

Please note that DNA samples received in the lab on the same day are not necessarily processed at the same time. We will notify you by email as soon as each DNA kit’s results are available. In the meantime you can check the status of each kit in the DNA kit tracker.


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