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What is Record Matching?

The Record Matching technology automatically finds matching historical records for your family tree, from our growing collection of billions of records. This comes on top of SuperSearch, our search engine for historical records.

A Record Match is a document relevant to your family's history, such as a birth record of one of your ancestors, a tombstone photo of a relative in your family, or a newspaper article. Record Matches are found automatically and delivered directly to you.

What's unique about Record Matching?

Record Matching is the world's first and only technology to find family tree matches in newspaper articles, books and other free text documents, using semantic analysis. Based on the world’s largest historical newspaper collection dating back to the 18th century that we have under license, relevant newspaper articles found using this technology are incredibly valuable in shedding light on the lives, personalities and achievements of our ancestors. We call it "adding color to family history".

This is done in addition to matching structured data such as birth, marriage, death and census records. Of particular note is the collection of tombstone photos that we have under license. It's extremely useful to receive matching gravestone photos and burial information for the individuals in one’s family tree, automatically and effortlessly, and in one consolidated location, as provided by Record Matching.

Synonyms and phonetics

MyHeritage has also developed the world’s first name translation technology for historical records, so you can get Record Matches for documents even if they are in a different language than your family tree is in. The technology is so sensitive and accurate, that you can expect matches ranging from the obvious (the historical record has a William vs. the family tree has a Bill) to the more subtle (Alessandro vs. Sasha).

How do I get Record Matches?

If your family tree is on MyHeritage, we'll continuously compare it – for free – to the billions of historical records we have, so that you’ll have a better chance to make new discoveries with no effort. The technology's high level of accuracy will save time, and you won't need to do a thing except sit back, relax, go through the Record Matches we deliver to you and enjoy the discoveries they bring.

Record Matching runs periodically to make sure you never miss a match as you grow your family tree, and as we grow our data collections of historical records — to the tune of hundreds of millions of new records a month.

Record Matches are free to view under the “Discoveries” tab on your family site. You can either select 'Matches by people' or 'Matches by source' to view Record Matches found for you.

To start getting automatic Record Matches, create your family tree on