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Can I change the language on my family site?

Yes, you can! At and in Family Tree Builder we support 42 languages. 

Family sites can be viewed in any of these 42 languages regardless of the language the Site Manager created the site in. This is especially beneficial for people who have relatives around the world. Each family member can view the site in his/her native language.

Keep in mind that the site navigation (buttons, menus, etc.) are changed to a different language, but any data you entered to the site will always remain in the language you entered it in (for example: first name, surname, facts and notes that you add in the site).

If you need to change your site language, click on the language selector in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the pop-up window, click on the language that you want the family website to be displayed in. This selector can be found on every page at