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How do I cancel the automatic subscription renewal?

If you are enrolled in an automatic subscription renewal and you would like to cancel it, please follow these steps:     

1. Log in to your online family site

2. Click on your name on the upper right corner of the Home page and go to 'My purchases':

3.  Under ‘My purchases’ on the left, select either ‘Site subscriptions’ if you wish to cancel a Premium or PremiumPlus subscription. Otherwise, select ‘Data subscriptions’.

On the right you will see the name of your family site(s) and the status of the subscription. Click on ‘View details’:

4. You will see the type of plan and the next billing date. To cancel the next automatic renewal, click on ‘Stop annual renewal’: 

If you have purchased a subscription via the MyHeritage app, you would need to cancel the automatic payment directly from the App store or Google Play. To learn how to do so, please read the following:

How do I cancel a subscription I purchased via the MyHeritage App?

Further reading: How do I cancel my free trial?